List of Competitions


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Awards, Prize and Competitions Design ChallengeBeauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design ChallengeDigital and Electronic Devices Design ChallengeManufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Challenge
Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design ChallengeBaby, Kids' and Children's Products Design ChallengeHome Appliances Design ChallengeMultidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Design Challenge
Spacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design ChallengeDiligence and Intelligence in Design ChallengeFurniture and Homeware Design ChallengeGovernance and Public Services Design Challenge
Young Design ChallengeSafety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design ChallengeLighting Design ChallengeHuman Resources and HR Programs Design Challenge
Toy and Recreation Design ChallengeArt Materials, Stationary Supplies and Gift Items Design ChallengeProsumer Products, Tools, and Machinery Design ChallengeChemical Products and Consumables Design Challenge
Fashion and Travel Accessories Design ChallengeDifferently abled and Seniors' Assistance Design ChallengePerforming Arts, Style and Scenery Design ChallengeGenerative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Challenge
Banking and Finance Instruments Design ChallengeDigital and Broadcasting Media Design ChallengeUrban Planning and Urban Design ChallengeInterior Design Challenge
Yacht and Marine Vessels Design ChallengeArchitecture, Building and Urban Design ChallengeInterface Design ChallengeExcellence in Design Challenge
Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design ChallengeMusic, Audio and Sound Design ChallengeTextile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design ChallengeMaterials, Building Components and Texture Design Challenge
Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design ChallengeDesign Award ChallengeHeavy Machinery Design Challenge
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